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Our Kitchen Remodel Part 4

Since we ripped out the old vent hood and the cabinet above the stove, it was time to install a new one. The old cabinet was pretty useless for any storage capability because it had the hood blower housing and 6" diameter duct stack running through it. So, there was really no loss with going with a new style hood. Above the old cabinet was also furred-out with painted and textured MDF board., so I had to carefully remove that as well. The only thing I really had to do was relocate the receptacle over a few inches and some minor sheetrock repairs. I was able to reuse the same duct piping as well.

I was originally going to go with a stainless-steel hood because that's what I've seen in most kitchens, but I was turned on to copper hoods. Now, you can spend up to $8,000 on some really fancy, hand-crafted copper hoods, but that was way out of our budget for this project. I was thinking around the $1,000 range. So, I ended up going with the ZLINE Hammered Copper Vent Hood. The 36" model was a perfect fit and left us with about 1/4" clearance on both sides. It is rated for 400 CFMs which was plenty enough for our 5-burner gas stove.

Installation was pretty straightforward, although I had issues with the cheap sheetrock anchors that they included and instructed you to use. Instead, I just drilled extra holes where needed so I could mount it directly to the studs. We were really happy with this purchase and the colors were perfect for our more traditional kitchen. It really complimented the ORB cabinet pulls that we painted as well as the grout lines on the floor.

The hood came with a nice oil rubbed bronze trim bezel to use on the ceiling but for our application, it wouldn't work. I think you could use that if you didn't have existing crown molding on the ceiling. However, we needed to modify our crown molding and tie it into the sides of the vent hood trough.

The only thing left to do was touch up the texture on the ceiling above the stove and the walls where the 4" granite backsplash used to be, and to finish caulking in some areas. Other than that, this kitchen remodel is finished! All done in 3 weeks' time!

Here's a list of rough estimates of costs for materials needed to complete this project:

Paint and primer - $650

Graco X7 paint sprayer - $450

Graco RAC X FFLP green tips (210,310) - $100

Graco RAC X tip guard - $30

ZLINE vent hood - $1,000

Frog tape, sandpaper, tack cloths, painter's paper - $300

100' roll of X-Board floor covering - $100

Tile for backsplash, thin set, grout - $800

This isn't a comprehensive list, but for around $3,500, this was a very affordable project! Of course, having the experience to tackle a project like this is worth a lot more than that.

I know if we would have paid someone to just paint the cabinets it would've been $5,000-$6,000 alone, so all in all I bet this would've easily costed >$10,000.

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